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Single Varietal Whites

2018 Chardonnay (dry & unoaked)

This stainless Chardonnay is light and crisp expressing apple, white peach and citrus with hints of ginger and spice.


2021 Riesling (semi-sweet)

A lovely, semi-sweet wine made in a more German style which is light and bright and bursting with green apple, tangerine and melon.


2022 Vignoles (dry)

Fruity, bright and crisp, are all qualities that this beautiful white grape projects. Look for essences of grapefruit, peach and apricot. 

Single Varietal Reds

2021 Cynthiana (dry)

Aged 28 months in new oak, our Cynthiana presents fresh fruit expression that is pleasurable and balanced.  A cherry backbone is firmly positioned with playful hints of vanilla and spice amongst soft textures.

2021 Crimson Cabernet (dry)

We have been patiently awaiting our first harvest from these vines for years! A Cynthiana/Cabernet Sauvignon hybrid expressed through the rich, limestone soils of Kentucky that is sure to be a hit. Cherry essences, light to medium body  and complex oak derived complexity make this a real crowd pleaser.

2021 Syrah (dry)

A medium-bodied red that's great with meals of roasted and smoked foods. Blackberry and plum essences

along with black pepper and hints of truffle.

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)

Often a pleasant surprise to new visitors to Kentucky, our Cabernet Sauvignon has a well-developed tannic structure and a beautiful fruit offering backed by balanced acidity. A nose of violets and dark fruit begin the introduction, as flavors of cherries sprinkled with chocolate are all followed by a solid and glorious finish.


Win-Place-Show White (dry white blend)

This very popular blend begins by bursting out of the gate with lemon and bright peach essences; apricot makes a strong move at the turn. Riding the rail in the homestretch, crisp acidity hangs on to provide a memorable finish that will have you placing your bet on Win-Place-Show White.

Photo Finish Sweet White (sweet white blend)

Fruitfulness abounds in this sweet white with honeysuckle and melon followed by ripe apple, golden pear and tropical fruits sweetened to absolute perfection!


Win-Place-Show Red  (dry red blend)

This dry red blend of American, French-American, Hybrid and purely European grapes is very easy on the palate. Smooth in texture and profoundly complex, this is a solid, dry table red for any day or occasion.


Photo Finish Sweet Red  (sweet red)   


Designed to please the masses, this sweet red is "oaky" too. Now, don't knock it til you've tried may be surprised to find something here that's yummy! A great addition to a summer bar-b-cue!


Lovers Leap Rosé  (semi-sweet blend)

This semi-sweet Rose' is so refreshing as it strikes that delicate balance between sweetness and acidity. This is a perfect time to try a new rosé know what they say? "Rosé All Day!"

Dessert Wines


Marion Blackberry (sweet)

Our famous Blackberry wine is deliciously sweet and silky smooth! The Marion berry originated in Corvallis, Oregon and to this day remains the berry by which all other blackberries are judged. This delicious dessert wine is decadent, rich and balanced. 

Blueberry (sweet)

The perfect dessert after evening meal, this deeply flavorful Blueberry wine can satisfy that craving for sweetness! Experience the rich blueberry essences as they coat the palate in delicious fruitiness or maybe a chocolatey companion is the key to ending your day on the right note.

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 Reserve Wines
(All Reserve wines are dry)

2022 Estate Reserve Vidal Blanc 


Tropical fruit, apple and honey suckle blossom permeate the nose of this beautiful vintage. The trademark profile of Honey dew melon, pear and golden apple express brilliantly. This exquisite dry white is alive with acidity pairing it perfectly with light cuisine.

2018 Reserve Chardonnay


Barrel Aged 18 months in Kentucky Oak, this Chardonnay is light and bright with silky textures and gentle complexity. Look for pear and pineapple along with vanilla and caramel essences.


Reserve Rosé


Though dry by fermentation standards, this crisp and fruity Rosé is bright and easy to drink. With a solid acidity, this wine is ready to refresh on a summer day or to have with food, pairing well with a variety of meals.


2016 Estate Reserve Chambourcin


This "fruit-forward" French-American hybrid, grown in our estate vineyards from 25 year old plantings is bold and beautiful. Deep, dark berry essences, full and round textures along with hints cedar and vanilla give this wine its memorable complexity.

2019 Estate Reserve Cynthiana 


Also known as Norton, this unique, American grape expresses a complex nose of coffee, spice and dark jammy fruit flavor. It's depth of color, soft mouth feel and robust flavors are it's strongest attributes.  


Grand Reserve Cabernet Franc     

This Non-vintage Cabernet Franc is 100% Cabernet Franc, but it's a blend of 50% Kentucky Cabernet Franc from 2013 aged ten years in Kentucky oak. The other 50% is 2021 Cabernet Franc from Washington State; the two compliment each other nicely.

2019 Reserve Malbec

The complex history behind this amazing grape takes it from Cahors, France all the way down to South America where it began to truly express its beauty. Deep and dark in color as well as in essences true to this varietals nature.       


2018 Reserve Merlot

The concentrated, bold flavors of our reserve Merlot will bring you into plum, light chocolate essences and texture like silk.


2016 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 

Aged 5 years in barrel, this robust and full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon is big on flavor, complexity and spice. Driven by a fearless tannic structure and concentrated essences, this wine will likely reach its peak in 2024.       

single barrel wines
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