Single Varietal Reds

2018 Cynthiana -

A Nouveau style Cynthiana that leans away from its usual earthy and and herbaceous nature. Instead, bright cherry and vanilla essences and soft textures impress.

2014 Chambourcin -

This French-American hybrid grape grows well in cooler climates and has a slightly higher acidity than vinifera. Berry essences dominate with hints of cedar and vanilla.

2018 Syrah -

Full Bodied Red that's great with meals. Blackberry and plum essences along with Black pepper and Chocolate hints.

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon -

Our Cabernet Sauvignon has well-developed richness and soft texture. A nose of violet and dark fruit and flavors of cherry and plum are all followed with a light spice finish.

2015 Concord -

Deliciously sweet and renowned for its irresistible grape flavor, this unique concord wine has a soft mouthfeel and is ready to chill and enjoy!

Single Varietal Whites
2018 Chardonnay -

This stainless Chardonnay offers apple, pear, citrus and banana with light essences ginger and spice.


2021 Riesling -

A lovely, semi-sweet wine which is light and bright and bursting with green apple, tangerine and melon.


2020 Vignoles -

Bright and crisp, this beautiful white grape presents peach and apricot essences. 

Our Famous Marion Blackberry wine!

Marion Blackberry-

Our famous Blackberry wine is Deliciously sweet and smooth! The Marion berry originated in Corvallis, Oregon and to this day remains the berry by which all other blackberries are judged. This delicious dessert wine is decadent, rich and balanced.

Red & White Blends

Win-Place-Show White -

Bursting out of the gate with lemon and bright peach essences, apricot makes a strong move at the turn. Riding the rail in the homestretch, crisp acidity provides a memorable finish that will have you placing your bet on Win-Place-Show White.


Photo Finish Sweet White  -

Fruitfulness abounds in this sweet white with honeysuckle and melon followed by ripe apple, golden pear and tropical fruits.


Win-Place-Show Red -

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cynthiana and Chambourcin.


Photo Finish Sweet Red -     Medium bodied wine with hints of red Currant, raspberry going 'nose to nose' with sweet cinnamon essence closing in for a fruitful photo finish.


Lovers Leap Rose' -

This semi-sweet Rose' is refreshing as it strikes a delicate balance between sweetness and acidity. Chill and enjoy!

 Estate Reserve Wines

Our reserve wines are small batch bottlings only

available for purchase at the winery.

These specially handled small batch wines are

rare and of very high quality.

2021 Estate Reserve Vidal Blanc  -


Tropical Fruit, Honeysuckle blossom and melon brilliantly express in this light and crisp Vidal Blanc. A clean and refreshing dry white from 25 year old vines.


2018 Estate Reserve Chardonnay  -


Exceptional fruit offering of pear and pineapple harmoniously accompanied by light caramel, vanilla, roasted hazelnut essences make this smooth textured Chardonnay very memorable.

Reserve Rose'  -


This dry Rose' resembles those from Provence in southeastern France. Crisp acidity and light body refresh with wisps of sun-kissed berries and citrus essences.


2016 Estate Reserve Chambourcin  -


By reducing overall Chambourcin yield for 2016, we were able to produce this exceptional vintage. Aged 36 months in Kentucky white oak barrels, this wine is very deep. Exceptional expression of blackberry, raspberry, vanilla and faint cedar hints thrust this elegant Chambourcin into an astounding varietal class.

2019 Mourvedre  - Mourvedre also known as Monastrell, originated in Spain and is thought to have been brought to that region by the Phoenicians over 2000 years ago. This grape is not often found as a "stand-alone" varietal, but more commonly found in blends.  Rich in nearly every way, this wine has much to offer: look for berry fruits and earthy minerality with very pleasing spice-laddened warmth. 

2019 Estate Reserve Cynthiana  -


The exceptional fruit quality from 2019 shines through in this very special bottling of our estate Reserve Cynthiana. The Cynthiana vines were repeatedly focused upon throughout that season dealing with stringent  canopy and cluster management resulting in this beautiful vintage.

2017 Reserve Merlot  -


The concentrated, bold flavors of our reserve Merlot will bring you into their embrace with essences of cinnamon, plum and light chocolate. The rich flavors envelope your palate with tannins that will leave a lasting impression.

2013 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon  -


Often called the "King of grapes," Cabernet Sauvignon is one the most revered of the red vinifera species. Aged 6 years in Kentucky oak, this beautiful vintage steps up with full, rounded mid palate, velvety texture and a stellar profile of varietal essences expected in a beautifully mature wine.

2014 Single Barrel #416 Chardonnay  -

Aging 45 months in Kentucky oak has given this beautiful Chardonnay such amazing depth that mere words cannot effectively describe it. The complexity of the flavor profile and silky texture have the potential to leave you speechless. A small bottling of only 25 cases give the Single Barrel wines their name; 300 numbered bottles are all there is.

2013 Single Barrel #514 Cabernet Sauvignon  -

This small bottling of a single barrel Cabernet Sauvignon was drawn from cask unfiltered; filling a mere 300 bottles. Experience this rare, expressive wine just as the vintner did while walking the rows of barrels searching for nobility among them.

2012 Single Barrel #210 Cabernet Sauvignon  -

This limited bottling of a very special, Kentucky grown Cabernet Sauvignon is the last of its kind from the Lovers Leap Vineyards. Our twenty year old vines produced approximately 6 tons of beautifully ripened Cabernet Sauvignon and were harvested on October 4th and 5th, 2012. Aged for 8 years in a first use, Kentucky white oak barrel toasted to medium, the expression from this vintage is astounding. Drawn from a single cask unfiltered means again, only 300 bottles are produced.

------------Reserve wines are available for tasting on Friday and Saturday ONLY------------

Reserve wine list just keeps growing!