Very early spring just before the rough prune
The vineyards during a tough winter
Cayuga White grapes
Welcome to Lovers Leap Tasting Room
The racking door to a large stainless steel tank full of delicious wine
The Lovers Leap Logo
Our newly designed Win Place Show Red label
July Vineyard in full swing
Looking up at the winery deck and tasing room in winter
Beautiful fall vineyard color
Shelby Car club visits Lovers Leap Winery in Lawrenceburg Kentucky
The old tobacco barn
Another view of the fall colors in the vineyard
Chambourcin grapes
bottling Vidal Blanc
The Lovers Leap Reserve Wines
Lovers Leap Syrah
The Lovers Leap Blends
Barrels, Barrels and more..
Lovers Leap Wines on Valentine's Day
Close up view of the Shelby cars
Wedding in the Vineyard
Lovers Leap 2012 Cabernet Franc
Lovers Leap Pavilion
The Lovers Leap Pavilion Chandeliers
Lobers Leap Wines on the Fourth of July